Tuesday, April 1, 2014

B - Baby

She looked at the pregnancy test for the seventieth time. Positive. It couldn’t be. At her age? Marcy rubbed her temples slowly. So that’s why she’d felt so tired lately. Could she even carry this one to term? She knew she had to tell him immediately. She picked up the phone and dialed. 

”Hey, hon. Can we meet for lunch?” she tried to sound casual.
“I’m pretty busy here,” Paul answered.
“Can’t you just get away for a short lunch at Roberto’s?” Marcy pressed.
“I don’t know…What about tomorrow?”
“Oh come on, Paul. Please. You’ve worked late every night this week.” Now she was getting irritated.
”Ok. Ok. I’ll see you there at noon,” he gave in.

An hour later at Roberto’s, Marcy watched the door for Paul and sipped on her giant glass of water. He was running late, and Marcy was getting madder by the minute. Finally, she spotted his slender frame walking quickly as he spoke into his cell phone. He sat down across from her and finished his conversation. Marcy glared at him.
“You’re late,” she fumed.
“Sorry. And hey, I can’t stay for more than a drink. I’m really swamped. I just got a bunch more work dropped on me because Lanie is out sick and ---“
Marcy raised her hand and stopped him mid-sentence. “We’re having a baby!” she blurted out. She wasn’t quite prepared for the look of horror in his eyes.


  1. This is a great set-up! I want to read more.

  2. How did I miss A....and hopefully they will be back for C!

    1. I am good at starting stories, not so good at finishing...LOL. I need to work on that.

    2. Me too! But this a great start!

  3. Nice setup with lots of possibilities. Keep writing.