Friday, April 18, 2014

P- Peace

That ever-elusive peace. Isn’t that all we really want when it comes down to it? I know I crave it. I treasure the rare moments I actually feel relatively at peace with the world. Especially after the last week when I’ve been feeling unusually panicky for some unknown reason. When you struggle with a bunch of feelings, worries, and anxieties, it makes you appreciate it all the more when you finally feel at peace. We try so hard to attain it. We pursue wealth relentlessly, hoping that we reach the point where we are “there”, we’ve arrived and we can rest easy. But does that ever really happen? No. We buy nice houses and cars and gadgets so that we will feel comfortable and maybe at peace. But does it work? Not really. Not in the long-term.

So how do we get it? Sometimes it takes getting still and quiet and tuning out all the noise around us. But even then there can be a lot of noise in our heads. Ok, my head has a lot of noise anyway. I think the key is to know where to turn. To God. I know it, but I don’t always remember it. Or I still go elsewhere, hoping to find it. I love how my son’s Bible puts it in Philippians. “Don’t worry about anything. Instead, tell God about everything. Ask and pray. Give thanks to Him. Then God’s peace will wash over your hearts and minds…”

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