Wednesday, April 2, 2014

C - Change

“So…do you love it?” Beth whirled Danielle around so she could see herself in the mirror. Sweeping her hand through her fiery red hair, Danielle smiled. She had never colored her hair in her life; this was big.
“I love it! It’s perfect!”
“What will your husband say?” Beth asked her.
“I guess I’ll find out soon enough,” Danielle answered softly.
As excited as she was, Danielle couldn’t help but feel nervous. As she drove home, she began to feel sick to her stomach. What had she done? He was going to hate it. He would explode; she knew it.

But there was no undoing it now. She was going through with this, with everything.
Her heart was pounding so loudly by the time she walked up the sidewalk, she could barely focus. Fighting to keep herself calm, she slowly opened the door.

“You’re late, Dani, I—“ Jeff stared at her. “What the hell did you do to your hair?” he bellowed.

Danielle inhaled slowly. “I colored it. I know it’s different, but I think it’s cute,” she said, trying to hide her anxiety.

“It’s-it’s red! I don’t like it at all. And how much did you pay for that?!” he was almost yelling. 

“ I used my own money. I had some extra left over this week.”

“How much was it?” he pushed.

“Why does it matter? I told you, I used my own money,” Danielle muttered.

He glared at her. “Because you don’t need to be wasting your money on stupid things like that! This had better be the last time you do anything like that without checking with me first. And you look ridiculous, by the way.”

Danielle turned away to hide her clenched jaw. Oh, if he only knew. This was just the beginning of the changes she had in store.


  1. Tense stuff.
    Is there more of this to come? I'm intrigued.

    Heh, as an aside I remember when I coloured my hair (the first time) it was virtually invisible and nobody could see the change (except me, because it hid a grey hair I'd found). My partner certainly didn't notice.
    The second time he came home while I still had the colourant on and he STILL didn't notice.

    Hmm. Think it might be time to give up.

    1. as long as it makes you happy, I say go for it. And thanks for reading.

  2. Ouch. This is intense. I kinda want to feed Jeff to sharks, to be honest.

  3. I want to keep reading! What the other changes she has in store? I need to know :)

    1. hm....may have to continue this storyline with some upcoming letters.

  4. Just the perfect amount to hook me :) Good job!

    1. then that's success to me. thanks for reading.

  5. That scenario is so disturbing, yet all too common I think. It sounds like your character is taking back her power though.

  6. Nice! It sounds like you may use it as a start but I think it is a disturbing snapshot all on it's own.