Thursday, April 26, 2012

A to Z Challenge: Vessel

Since it’s V, first a vent. I’m so tired at this point in the challenge. My writing is going downhill these last few posts. But at this point, since I’ve made it this far, I am determined to finish. So just fair warning that I am rushing through the posts now.

Ok, now a few thoughts for the V

  1. Value – everyone wants to be valued. We need to stop devaluing others by belittling, insulting and gossiping. None of these things have ever done any person one bit of good or made a situation better. Treat everyone, especially children and spouses, as if they are valuable. It can be so easy to treat each other like inconveniences or even burdens. Fight that urge vehemently.

  1. Validate – people have a right to feel the way they feel. Don’t tell them otherwise. Validate feelings; don’t dismiss them.

  1. Victim – don’t be one. It’s so easy to wallow. And maybe we have been victimized in some way. But get up, get healing and move on. Don’t stay in victim mode. You’ll always be waiting for someone else to come rescue you.

  1. Voices – oh, the voices in my head. No, no, not those. There are lots of voices out there vying for our attention. Know which One to listen to above all others.

  1. Vulnerability – we have to be vulnerable to be real. I don’t mean make yourself vulnerable so you are victimized. But if we always keep up walls and put up fronts and pretend to be something that we’re not, we’re never really ourselves. At some point, we have to be okay with being vulnerable. Knowing we may get hurt, but we will be okay. We are okay as we are. Flaws and all.

  1. Vessel – we need to be one. A vessel for God to flow through. Remember we are not here for ourselves. We’re here to point the way to a bigger Someone than ourselves.


  1. 2nd attempt to respond - the 1st one disappeared in the labyrinth of the cyberspace!
    (or, perhaps I just struck the wrong button on my keyboard ;-p)

    You have outlined some interesting issues here - and I can agree with them all.

    I particularly like what you say about being a victim - waiting for some knight in shining armour to come to your aid may be wishful thinking!

    Yes, God can and sometimes does choose to deal with our problems by stepping into the breech - other times He prompt us to make that first move of faith!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, btw! :-)

    SueH I refuse to go quietly!
    Twitter - @Librarymaid

  2. A wonderful post, being a vicitm of anything can cause longstanding issues. My daughter was a vicitm of something as a child by a friend of the family , she is now a mum herself but has never got over her ordeal.


  3. YES! Validation! That is really all I want sometimes.

  4. I think we're all dragging a little - kudos for plugging ahead anyway! :-)