Saturday, February 11, 2012

February Goals

Well, now that it's mid-February, I guess it's past time to blog about my February goals. :-) So I've been plodding along on the January ones and did okay. I did some writing on my novel, though I never sat down and counted to see if I wrote 15 pages last month. And I've been blogging a little more. As far as the meditating every day, I pretty much did that. One practice that I have found helpful is one I got from Joyce Meyer. She suggested "getting dressed" spiritually every morning just like we would get dressed physically. I've typed up some verses, encouraging statements, etc. that I go over and/or say aloud each morning. Things like "This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it." Or "I WILL keep my peace today. I WILL find the humor in my day." Even some inspirational parenting tips. It's a way of setting my mind, of making up my mind to be positive. Goodness knows I struggle with enough negative thoughts. This is a very good way to intentionally combat the negativity that can easily creep up on me. So I'm definitely continuing with that. 

For February, I'm continuing with a lot of the same I was working on for January. Trying to write a page a day on my novel and adding a couple of Textbroker articles. Then I've added one more - to clean off this very cluttered table in the kitchen. It's driving me nuts and maybe in a month of working on it a little at a time, I can get it done. Yeah. We'll see.

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