Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mid-January Update

Ok, so it's halfway through the first month of my resolutions. How am I doing? Well, not too hot. But I'm retooling and adjusting. I'm not quitting and I think that's kind of the point of resolutions. I don't think it's as important that we perfectly keep every one and have all these check marks. Or beat ourselves up if we miss a day of keeping a resolution. I think the point is more that we keep moving ourselves in the general direction of our goals. And that setting goals, working toward them and sometimes recalibrating them - it's the journey, the process that develops our character and makes us better people.

So the grace is starting early. I'm realizing that caring for a baby and my other mom and housekeeping duties are a lot and maybe I bit off a little too much. Textbroker has had lousy articles lately, so I'm dropping that one. For some reason, I feel like I should be working on my novel, even though I have no idea where I'm really going with it and am overwhelmed. So I'm keeping that one. And writing this blog is way too much fun to give that one up. Plus, my grandfather on Dad's side passed away and surprisingly, it is bringing up lots of emotions and I've been writing a lot. Writing is like therapy for me sometimes. I guess it's cheaper than paying for it. So that's where I stand. And with this entry, I have now kept at least one of my goals - to write two blog entries this month. Woo hoo.

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