Monday, June 22, 2009

Moving: Day I-don't-even-know-what

Well, this is Day 6? of our move. I don't even know. It's been six days since we got our furniture, so that's what I'm counting from. Moving sucks. How many times have we lost something in the last week? Lots. Usually it's little things, but the other day we thought we lost my social security card. Lovely. Then there was the night I was going to make a real actual meal for dinner for the first time in our new home and couldn't find the dish to make it in. So we had sandwiches. Again. Or the time I was all ready for an omelet and had everything except a spatula. No omelet that night. The most fun had to be the day we got our furniture. We had been 5 or 6 days without most of our stuff and we finally got it. Then our air went out in the new house and it was about 90 degrees outside. Not the type of thing you want when you're unpacking and already tired and irritated as it is. And it wasn't like we could even open the windows because we had no screens yet! That was helpful. Seriously, though, between having no air, the mold in the basement, radon in the water *and* air, our house is basically a deathtrap. But hey, it's pretty! Today wasn't quite as bad. I only had to wait around until 4:00 pm for the guys to come look at the dishwasher and air conditioning and unpacked, I don't know, 3 or 4 boxes of crap I don't know where to put. Oh, the high point of the day was finding hubby's cell phone charger (yes, we had lost that too). So at least there's that. And I actually made a meal that I had all of the ingredients and utensils for, so I guess that's progress. Of course the day ended with my 7-year-old having a meltdown followed closely behind by me having one of my own. I'll let you know how tomorrow goes.......

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